Do you like to plan parties and get together or do you like to relax and enjoy the weather? Now you can plan any type of event and be protected from the sun ruining your event. Gazebos are great for relaxing as well. On a sunny day, you can sit under your gazebo and enjoy the nice weather without getting a sunburn. If it is raining outside and you have an event going on under your gazebo you can just let the curtains down to shelter from the rain. Gazebos are perfect for any occasion. Wait... no, they are perfect for every occasion! Shop at Simply Patio Furniture for the best deals on gazebos around. We have many different gazebos that will let you pick the perfect one to match the outdoor look you already have going. For those who live in a climate where the weather changes every second we recommend the International Caravan Square Double Vented Gazebo With Drapes. This gazebo is perfect for bad weather. It is also perfect for taking naps under. Leting the drapes down of the gazebo and having the wind blow through the drapes as you nap is a wonderful feeling. For those who live in a warm climate where it does not rain much the International Caravan Square Vented Canopy Gazebo is recommended. This gazebo is very spacious. Having friends over on a sunny day for a barbecue? No problem our gazebos got you covered! Our selections are vast. You will be able to find the perfect gazebo that will complement your outdoor space. Shop us, we have free shipping on everything you see on our website.